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Eyelash Extension

Classic Refill $65 
Allergy test $30 
Mega Volume (7D-8D) $160 
Mega Volume (6D-7D) $150 
Mega Volume Refill $90 
Volume (4D-6D) $140 
Volume (2D-4D) $120 
Hybrid (Mixed Volume & Single) $110 
Single (1:1) $100 
Touch Up Refill $35 
Volume Refill (4 Weeks) $90 
Volume Refill (3 Weeks) $80 
Volume Refill (2 Weeks) $65 
Single Refill (1:1) $60 
Lash Extensions Removal $25 


*Eyelash refills - Clients must maintain at least 40-50% of their eyelash extension to quality for the refill pricing.


Microblading $350 
Microshading $450 
Powder Fill $350 
Annual Touch Up $200 


Skin Rejuvenation $80 


Indulge in a luxurious 10-minute spa experience for a more radiant, youthful face.

ageLOC Refreshing Mask

- Smoothes the skin's surface by releasing dead cell buildup and pore-blocking impurities

- Cleanse and purifies skin, increase hydration, delivers your first infusion of ageLOC to reduce the signs of aging.

- Extracts impurities, removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates damaged skin.

- Infuses soothing nutrients from cactus extract to help keep skin healthy-looking, beautiful, and fully moisturized.

- Leaving the skin smooth and feeling refreshed!

Skin Rejuvenation: ageLOC Face Lift

- Works immediately to lift, firm, and tone your skin while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

- Leave undefined skin in the past and enjoy firmer, younger looking skin today and in the future, with ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra.

Vitamin C

40 Minutes $80 
Package Of 6 $400 


This customized multi-vitamin treatment is tailored for all skin types and conditions. It gives the skin an immediate burst of radiance for a complexion glowing with beauty. A potent vitamin C mask further regulates pigmentation for a luminous, even complexion.

Sugaring Services

Sugaring is a safe, gentle and more effective way to remove unwanted hair, with the added benefit of removing dead skin cells and conditioning the skin. Sugaring is a water-soluble product which is designed to gently and efficiently remove hair from all body parts and skin types.
Eyebrows $12 
Chin $6 
Upper Lip $6 
Sideburns $15 
Full Face $30 
Full Leg $40  & up
Half Leg $28 
Full Arm $30 
Half Arm $20 
Under Arm $15 
Stomach $15 
Back $25  & up
Chest $25  & up
Brazillian $40